Instructions—Using our multi-feature calendar              updated: 10/14/2016


These basic instructions are how to access all the features on the calendar.

The calendar always opens with the current month, in Month view.


·         Month View

o   To change month, use blue arrows at the top, or select a month from the list below the arrows.

o   Below the calendar are 8 rectangular, colored boxes {the ‘Venue Legend’}. The left box says ‘Show All’. Events held at specific Venues are associated with the next 6 boxes. All other events at the Park are associated with ‘All Other’. The actual events on the calendar itself have their Title shown, and use the same color coding as the rectangular boxes. If you only want to see, for example, Disc Golf events, uncheck ‘Show All’, and check ‘Disc Golf’. Now only the Disc Golf events show on the calendar for any month, until you change it. All of the other events are noted by gray horizontal lines.

o   Below the boxes is a Search bar. Click it and a search screen appears. You can search for any word that appears in the Title or Description of an event.

o   If you click on any individual event shown on the calendar, a small box will pop-up. The box shows the Event title and time/date/location, as well as any extra Description that might be appropriate to describe the event. There is also a ‘Click here….’ entry. When clicked, that will open up a special map of where that event is located. The left hand map column provides a brief history of the location, and a description of the Tabs that appear on the black top row.

o   Future events have an event reminder. Check it, fill in your Email address, and one will be sent to you 24 hours in advance of the event.

o   If you maintain a personal calendar on your computer, the Export: line has icons for Google, Outlook, etc. Click on the icon for your calendar, login to your calendar site as required, and this event will be automatically added to your personal calendar. None of the calendars listed here allow different colors, so the event will be in whatever color you have chosen for your personal calendar.

o   To return to the Month view, close the associated tab on your browser.

o   Each date in the selected month has a black date number and a white background. If you have selected the current month, ‘Today’ has the colors reversed. Any dates shown from the previous or next month have an aqua date number and a light gray background.

·         Week View

o   To the left of each week, there is the word ‘Week’ written vertically. Clicking on the word (not the space above or below it) takes you to a weekly calendar. Before each entry is a small colored square of the same color as shown for that event on the Month view.

o   If you click on an event, you will get the same pop-up window as from Month view.

o   The blue arrows at the top will take you forward or backward one week at a time.

o   Return to Month view by clicking on ‘Month’ on the small ‘Day Week Month’ bar just above the ‘Venue Legend’.

·         Day View

o   On the Month calendar, you can access the Day calendar by clicking on the specific date.

o   On the Week calendar, click on the correct day at the top, or on ‘Day’ just above the ‘Venue Legend’. If you click on ‘Day’ just above the ‘Venue Legend’, it will default to Sunday, and you then can change the day at the top of the Day calendar.

o   If you click on an event, you will get the same pop-up window as from Month view.

o   Return to Month view by clicking on ‘Month’ just above the ‘Venue Legend’.

·         General

o   The ‘Venue Legend’ at the bottom of the Day & Week calendars works just like in Month view.

o   Sometimes there may be an item added for information which is not Venue specific. It will be shown with a white background on the Month calendar. On the Week calendar it is listed as an ‘All Day’ event, and on the Day calendar, it is listed at the top. See December 25, 2015 ‘Christmas closures’ as an example. This type of item is NOT affected by checking/unchecking anything on the ‘Venue Legend’.

o   If you have any calendar problems or comments, Email